How online payments work

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1. Tenant submits a payment

Tenants can pay with a checking account or credit/debit card, using their mobile phone or website.

2. We process the payment

We send the money right along to you – overnight.

3. The payment is available to you

You’ll wake up to the ping of funds arriving in your account.

All the features you’ll need for online payments

  • Overnight funding

Tenants pay by 5:00pm, you get the money deposited by 8:00am.

  • Automatic payments

Tenants can set up automatic payments to charge their account each month.

  • Accept all forms of payment

Tenants can pay with their checking account, credit card, checks, or cash.

  • Accounting integration

We integrate with the most popular accounting tools. Ask us about yours.

  • Bank reconciliations

Match up your bank statement with our deposits.

  • Detailed reports

Find payments and transactions with our in-depth reports.

  • Roommates

Roommates can share payment responsibilities on the ManageGo app.

  • Fees and Charges

Charge late fees and gym memberships directly on the app.

  • Mobile app

Dedicated mobile apps for tenants and property managers.

Everything you need for easier management

Tenants submit maintenance tickets via the mobile app or through email. Members can reply or create work orders as needed.

  • Accountants
  • Managers
  • Leasing Agents
  • Tenants

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