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How do I create lease and rider templates?

With templates, it’s simple to create new leases in ManageGo quickly.  To take advantage of this feature, though, you’ll need to create some lease templates first.  Here’s how to do exactly that:

How to create a lease template

  1. Click Settings in the left-side menu.
  2. Click the Leases tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click Add new.
  4. Give your template a name (for internal use only — residents won’t see this) and choose what buildings the template will be usable for.
  5. Use the text editor to type up the lease template.  If you’d like, insert custom fields from our standard list, from a list you created, or create your own right here with the Add custom field button.
  6. Click Save template.

Your new lease template will now be available for selection whenever you create a new lease.   You can also create rider templates, which work in essentially the same way; the only difference in creating them is that, after you click the Leases tab in step 2 above, you’ll then need to click Rider templates to view, add, and edit those.

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