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How do I upload and share a document?

You can upload a document to store in the documents section and share it to buildings, specific apartments, or specific tenants.

Uploading a document 

To upload a document:

  1. Click documents
  2. Click upload document
  3. Drag and drop or select the file to upload
  4. Add a file name
  5. Select the building(s)
  6. You can also then select the unit and then tenant if sending to a specific unit or tenant
  7. You can also select a keyword from the list to filter by later
  8. Click upload – this does not share a document, see steps below to share

Sharing a document

To share/unshare a document:

  1. Click documents
  2. Find and click on the document
  3. Click the drop down under file shared:
  4. You can either share or share and notify the tenant(s)
  5. To unshare a shared document, click the same drop down and click unshare


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