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How do I send an email?

You can create a email to send out to all tenants, all tenants in a building, in an apartment, or to specific tenants by using either a template or creating a custom email.

Creating a custom email

To create a custom email:

  1. Click Mailer
  2. Select which email address this will be sent from in the from: drop down
  3. Click the box next to Reply to my email address if you’d like replies to go to your account email instead of the email the message is sent from
  4. Add a subject line
  5. Begin typing your message – you can use the green arrows next to the input fields to add them to the email or type them in using the brackets (they will need to be typed exactly as the input fields are listed) and this will fill in the fields automatically in the email sent to tenants
  6. Edit the text font, size, etc. by using the icons at the bottom of the email field
  7. Click Attach File to send documents in the email
  8. You can choose to save this as a template by clicking + Save as a template, entering a name, and pressing save
  9. Choose who to send this to by clicking select/view recipients
  10. Check the All Tenants box to send to everyone
  11. Check the box next to a building to send to everyone in a specific building(s) or click + to expand and view units
  12. You can check the box to send to everyone in that unit or click + to select a tenant(s) in a unit
  13. When done selecting, press Continue
  14. Click Send email
  15. You can view this and other emails by clicking View Batches at the top of the page

Creating an email from a template

To create an email using an existing template:

  1. Click Mailer
  2. Select the template you want to use
  3. You can change the email address it’s sent from and whether replies go to the email address the message was sent from or to your account email address
  4. You can edit the email by pressing the edit button and inserting/deleting text
  5. Select your recipients
  6. Click send email


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