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How does MoneyGram work?

If you have tenants that are less tech-savvy, or who just want to pay their rent with cash, MoneyGram could be a great option for you. With this payment option, your tenants can go to any of the thousands of MoneyGram locations nationwide and submit a cash payment for their rent, and you’ll be able to see that payment in ManageGo.  The best part is that tenants don’t even need a ManageGo account to pay this way, so it’s a perfect way to get more of your tenants to make payments you can see and track in ManageGo, even if they’re unwilling or unable to create an online account.  Here’s how it works:

How does MoneyGram work for tenants?

Tenants who want to make a cash payment just need to go to any MoneyGram location and say that they’d like to pay a bill to ManageGo.  They’ll be asked to fill out a form that looks like this:

As you can see, they’ll need to provide some information about themselves, like their name, address, and phone number, and the amount they’ll be paying.  Although it’s not usually necessary, it may be helpful for them to know ManageGo’s receive code, which is 17842.  The only other thing they’ll need to know is their unit code, which you can provide for them — more on that below.  That code, followed by their last name, should be listed as the Account number on the MoneyGram form.

For tenants, it’s as easy as that.  Once they’ve filled out the form and submitted their cash, they can be on their way knowing that their payment is on its way to the management company.

How does MoneyGram work for me?

As soon as a tenant submits a payment through MoneyGram, we’ll use the unit code they provided to identify which unit the payment is for.  If it’s one of your units, you’ll receive a notification that a payment was submitted for that unit, and the payment will show up in ManageGo, just like it would if they’d made an ACH payment online.  In the coming days, we’ll deposit the payment to your account.  Everything is trackable in ManageGo, making the whole process smooth and simple for you.

How do I find a tenant’s unit code?

As mentioned above, tenants will need to know their unit code to pay through MoneyGram.  Here’s how to find the codes for all of your units so that you can provide them to your tenants:

  1. Click on the Buildings tab in the left-side menu.
  2. Click on the property that you’d like to find a unit code for.
  3. In the Units list, find the unit you’re looking for.  The unit code will be in the MoneyGram column — it will be a short code ending with a Z.


While most tenants who will make MoneyGram payments probably won’t sign up for ManageGo accounts, if they do have an account, they can also log in and find their own unit code with the following steps:

  1. Click on their name in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. In the Your units section of the Profile page, they’ll be able to find their unit and the unit code, referred to here as the MoneyGram ID.


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How does MoneyGram work?

If you have tenants that are less tech-savvy, or who just want to pay their rent with cash, MoneyGram could be a great option for

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