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How does Lockbox work?

To save time on check processing, residents can now send check payments to ManageGo’s mailing address. We’ll process and deposit the checks into your bank account, and reflect the payments in ManageGo and in your accounting software.

Here’s how it works:

1. Property Manager continues to send invoices and payment slips to tenants

Example payment slip:

2. Tenant sends a check to our mailing address, and includes the payment slip in the envelope

We need to get this payment slip so that we can know to which tenant to assign this check.

3. We deposit the check and assign the payment to the tenant 

The payment will show on the ManageGo Payments page and in the property manager’s account program.


What happens if the tenant sends a check but does not include the payment slip? 

In that case, we will ask the property manager to assign the check manually. There’s a section on the ManageGo website where they can see all unassigned checks and assign it.
They also have an option to automatically assign all checks that will arrive in the future from this bank routing number to this tenant.

What happens if a tenant sends a letter or document, as opposed to a check? 

Every time an envelope arrives, we display all the contents on the envelope to the property manager. If there was a check included with the letter, we will show both on the page. If there was just a letter, we will show just the letter.

Can property managers use this service as their official mailing address, for checks and for other communication? 

We are planning a more robust mailing feature, but for now we discourage property managers from using this as their official mailing address. We don’t offer that service as of now.




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