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How to use shared calendars for amenity bookings

Often times, you have an amenity in a building that is shared between multiple buildings. Like a swimming pool that’s available to an entire community, or a gym that’s open to adjacent buildings.

Since amenity bookings reserve the spot for the tenant who booked it, there could be conflicts if each building has its own calendar.

Our Shared Calendar feature solves this problem by combining all booking from the associated buildings into one view. This will not only prevent overbooking, but will also show the booked and available time slots to the tenants of all the other buildings that are sharing the same calendar.

For example, if a tenant from Building A is reserving an amenity for 1:00 pm, it will show this slot as booked for the tenants from Building B even before they attempt to make a reservation. This makes it a very smooth booking experience for all the tenants.

How to create a shared calendar:

  • Click on Concierge on the left menu of your ManageGo admin website
  • Open an existing amenity or create a new amenity
  • Navigate to the “Shared calendars” dropdown on the left side of the page
  • Select “Create new shared calendar” (you can also select an existing shared calendar if you’ve done this before)
  • Name the new shared calendar (i.e. Bronx Buildings, or Highview Gardens)
  • Select the buildings that share this amenity

That’s it! Tenants in all the shared buildings will not see and create bookings on the same calendar.

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