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Q&A: Setting up building groups for easier filtering

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“Our building portfolio is divided between different managers; when they go to the payments or maintenance sections, they only want to see their buildings. We know that one can easily select a list of buildings from the buildings filter, but it would be great to be able to save the filter for future use instead of filtering each and every time the page is refreshed.”

This week’s question by: Hamilton Group



We will suggest 2 different ways to solve your 1 question (complimentary of course!).

#1: Make use of the Building groups feature

This feature allows you to create a group with a custom name (e.g., Ben’s buildings) and select which buildings should be in the group. Now you can simply filter by the group name.

Click below to learn how to set up groups. (Spoiler alert: It is super easy.)

#2: Limit users’ access to only their buildings

If a specific user truly has no business with other buildings, consider restricting the user to only have access to the buildings they manage. No need to filter anymore. Ever.

You can click below to learn more about grouped buildings.

I hope this answers your question!

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