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Marketing Is the Butter to Leasing’s Bread (PropTea Podcast Ep. #4)

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You can’t have successful leasing without a proper marketing strategy – at least we think so. After all, how do you expect to fill vacancies with dependable residents if renters don’t even know you exist? On the newest episode of the PropTea Podcast, marketing expert Erica Patterson takes us through the benefits of marketing for leasing teams, effective ways to build out a strategy, and some easy marketing ideas to get you started. Here are some highlights you can’t miss!

Why is marketing so important for leasing teams?

Erica: “The question you should be asking is: why do I not consider marketing important for my leasing teams? Marketing your rental properties effectively is how you attract dependable tenants and fill your vacancies quickly…Marketing is a key, a key tool to filling your vacancies quicker…and even being able to retain the current tenants that you have.”

But I don’t have the budget for proper marketing.

Erica: “You do not need a large marketing budget. You don’t need thousands of dollars. You have an iPhone and you have ideas and that is really what you need to get started! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have the biggest budget and if you don’t necessarily have the largest amount of tools at your hand. Just think about what you can do with what’s at your disposal right now. I like to say that marketing is 50% what you think and then 50% what you execute.”


How do I get started building a marketing strategy?

Erica: “Number one, you want to identify your target audience. Who are they? Are they older residents? Are they younger residents? Are they students? Who is your target? 

Number two, plan your messaging. What does your brand stand for? Who’s your brand trying to help? Who is your property management company geared at? What are some values that you hold that you can share with your residents?

Next, how are you going to do this? Select the platforms that you really want to aim at. Are you going to use Facebook ads? Are you going to use an apartment.com posting? Are you going to use Instagram ads? What type of platforms are you going to use when building out your strategy? If you haven’t already done so, do it now. Create a website. This is the easiest and simplest way to really gain that brand recognition and validity.

Additionally, leverage social media. When it comes to anything real estate related, social media is gonna be your best friend because it connects people – and that’s what you’re looking to do. So really leverage your social media. Take time. Build out your TikTok, build out your Instagram, build out your Pinterest. 

Finally, build some social proof. You really want to say we exist, we have a strong network and we’re looking to really provide you with your next home – and that’s what building out social proof is going to do.”

For a more in-depth look at the benefits of marketing for leasing teams, as well as additional marketing ideas for your property, and of course, your monthly wellness tip, listen to the full episode above! And as always, stay tuned for next month’s episode to get your fill of expert advice on managing your properties effectively.

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