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Managing Food Deliveries: A Simple Guide

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The food delivery business has been booming since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. As a result, the convenience of having weekly groceries and restaurant food brought to their home has become a staple in the lives of renters and residents. Today, it is an essential amenity that property managers should provide to their residents because its popularity is due to a matter of public safety. 

With that being said, managing deliveries at a multifamily property can be overwhelming. The amount of food deliveries is skyrocketing and a decrease is highly unlikely, leaving it up to property managers to meet these demands. So how can property managers create a smooth food delivery process that enhances the experience of their residents? 

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled a list of tips to help property managers safely manage food deliveries within their community. Despite every property being different, these tips will definitely be able to get you started! 

1. Implement contactless building entry

Technology has come a long way — so far that entry into your property can be made easy with the addition of a smart video intercom solution. Keeping COVID in mind, this is the perfect way for food couriers to get access into the building. Consider how secure and simple it would be for your residents to open the door from their smartphone. The intercom will allow food delivery drivers to contact residents and gain quick access without meeting face-to-face. 

2. Identify a contactless food drop-off zone

Imagine you’re in the lobby during peak food delivery hours and there’s practically an army of food couriers forming! This is exactly what you want to avoid! With the creation of a banner, you can designate a clear and obvious food-drop off area in the lobby. You can even design one that matches your building’s decor!  

3. Communicate the new delivery process with your residents

It’s important to make sure your residents are aware of any changes to your building’s delivery process. Communicate with them through email, resident apps or portals, displays around the building, and more! Be sure to provide clear instructions on how to use the access control system and the delivery drop-off zone. You can even use this as an opportunity to ask your residents for feedback on the current system to stay up-to-date on any comments, questions, or concerns about deliveries. 

4. Ask residents to add a note for delivery drivers with instructions

Since you’re only able to communicate these changes with your residents and not the food courier directly, make sure you ask them to add a delivery note with clear instructions for the driver. This will help eliminate any confusion delivery drivers may have and the need to ask around for help, speeding up the delivery process for your residents!

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