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Introducing our MoneyGram integration for Property Managers

ManageGo is a smarter, faster and better way to accept/pay online rent payments, manage maintenance support, and much more.

We’re excited to announce that MoneyGram payments are now available to all your tenants. Cash payments will be deposited in your bank account just like ACH payments, and they’ll be reflected on the payments page in ManageGo.

Put an end to cash handling and money orders, by having your tenants submit cash payments through MoneyGram or a MoneyGram affiliate.

When you log in to your account on ManageGo, you’ll see a unique MoneyGram Unit Code next to each unit. Your tenants can use this code to make payments to their unit. (The Unit Code is also displayed in the Profile section on the tenant portal).

We prepared marketing materials and letters that you can send to your tenants to notify them about MoneyGram payments, and also to explain the process.

How it works:
• A tenant walks into any MoneyGram location
• They complete the standard payment form, and include their unique Unit Code
• MoneyGram notifies us of the payment
• We deposit the money in your bank account
• We display the paid amount on the ManageGo portal
To get started with MoneyGram, call us at 212-300-7950 to enable it for your account. Once we turn it on, just notify your tenants and tell them where they can find their Unit Code.

The ManageGo Team

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