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How To Prevent Package Theft At Your Property

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Package theft is a universal concern for apartment residents. As a property manager, it’s your responsibility to implement an effective package management solution to avoid reports of theft and keep your residents’ packages safe. 

Continue reading to educate yourself on what you can do to fight package theft. We’ll walk you through the best package theft solutions for multifamily buildings. 

How common is package theft?

Unfortunately, package theft is a widespread issue that impacts all apartment buildings, no matter the size. About two out of five Americans have at least one package stolen per year, and as online shopping continues to be the norm, the number of packages stolen will rise too.  

3 ways to prevent package theft

Your building is responsible for accepting a lot of packages. That’s why you need a reliable way to keep those parcels safe. By investing in package theft prevention solutions, you’ll enhance the resident experience, boost retention rates, and provide peace of mind for your residents.

The top three ways to prevent package theft at your multifamily building are:

1. Install a reliable access control system

The best way you can prevent package theft is by making sure all packages are delivered inside the building. No packages should be left outside anywhere, so delivery carriers need access to enter the building. 

We recommend installing a video intercom system. This is the most convenient way for carriers to enter the building and leave packages inside, and their built-in cameras provide extra security. 

2. Invest in a delivery management solution

Now that your video intercom is installed, it’s time to take theft prevention at your property up a notch. Investing in a delivery system solution will give you the extra security you need by ensuring there is a secure area to leave tenant packages and have them picked up.

And guess what: ManageGo’s Concierge Solution includes delivery and package tracking! Your staff can easily handle deliveries, and residents can simply pick up their packages with our state-of-the-art scanning and printing technologies. Through our resident app, tenants can constantly track the location of their packages incoming and outgoing packages. How’s that for preventing package theft?  

3. Install security cameras

Lastly, our final suggestion to prevent package theft is to install security cameras around your building. Essentially, you can put them anywhere, but at least make sure you have them installed at the entrance of your building and within the package room. Adding video surveillance in these main areas will help you catch anyone trying to take a package that isn’t theirs.

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