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How To Host a Community Wine & Paint Resident Event

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Hosting resident events at your property is an amazing way to keep residents excited about the community and boost the resident experience. Residents should feel more like members of the community and less like tenants, so we thought you could host a Wine and Paint event at your apartment building. We know this involves a lot of planning and time, so we gathered some details just for you in this blog post. Keep reading for more! 

Benefits of a Wine and Paint Resident Event 

It’s a learning experience. 

Your residents would likely enjoy any event, but it’s more memorable and exciting when they’re learning something new. By learning the fundamentals of painting, like how to properly hold a paintbrush, then diving into various painting techniques, residents will leave your event with a new skill and a beautiful work of art to show for it. 

It improves emotional health. 

Life can be stressful. You may not know or be aware of the stress your residents endure daily. Wine is known to be relaxing and soothing to the soul. Additionally, studies have shown that art can be a very therapeutic activity by relieving stress. Ensure that you’re fostering a non-judgemental atmosphere that welcomes all levels and abilities to join in on the fun! 

It promotes resident-to-resident interaction

By creating a relaxing social environment, residents will feel and see it as an opportunity to easily mingle with their neighbors. You never know, someone could leave with a work of art and a new bestie!

It’s a perfect event for residents to make new friends and get to know one another. They can even attend with a group of their best pals so they can all hang out together!

Let’s get you started! 

Choose your event format: You can host a Wine & Paint resident event either in person or virtually. We’ll let you decide which design is the best choice for your property. 

Let residents know what’s provided: Will it be guests bringing the wine or are you providing drinks? Can’t make a decision? Well, we suggest you provide residents with the painting supplies and have them bring beverages of their choice because now all you need is an instructor. 

Ask residents to RSVP: The capacity depends on the size of your event space. If your capacity is limited, use this to your advantage and emphasize that in your promotions. Wine and Paint events are usually a big hit, so try to make sure the space can fit at least 15 people. 

Market the event throughout your property: 

If you have a resident app like the ManageGo Resident App, post your flyer or event details along with the registration link. Additionally, you can send out emails or texts, or design a poster for the lobby with a QR code to RSVP. Also, a gentle reminder to post the event on your property’s social media accounts too! 

Wine and Paint Checklist 

  • Hire a professional artist instructor for two hours
  • Get art supplies such as paints and different types of brushes
  • Get canvas for each resident to take home 
  • Choose someone from your team to take pictures for social media content
  • Extras: wine for those who forgot their wine, and light snacks of course

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