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Feather for Your Residents

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Our goal is to provide all the solutions and tools necessary for property managers to provide their residents with the ultimate living experience.  That’s why ManageGo has launched a partnership with Feather for property managers to offer their residents a flexible, sustainable way of furnishing their space beautifully.   

What’s Feather? 

Feather is a furniture brand that launched in 2017. They aim to deliver furniture that fits the way we live today. Feather carries furniture for homes, offices, or whatever spaces that you need furnished! Their convenient furnishing service keeps sustainability in mind to make living spaces safe, inviting, and enjoyable for your residents. 

How does Feather work?

Residents can join the Feather community with one of their three rental plans: Annual Membership (12+ months), Short-term (3+ months) or Monthly (1+ months). Have your residents select a plan that works for them, browse furniture online, and get it delivered and even assembled by the Feather team. In less than a week, residents can transform an empty space into a fully furnished home without doing any lifting, not even a finger! 

Why rent vs. buy?

Residents who choose to rent their furniture get flexibility and a stress-free way of changing their space, but sometimes people are shopping for furniture they can keep forever.  In that case, buying is an amazing option. Whether your residents are renting or buying Feather furniture, they’ll take care of all the heavy lifting to ensure it’s a smooth process! 

Why Feather?

Living arrangements change, new opportunities emerge, and sometimes your residents just need to switch things up. Feather is here to help make change a bit easier and help provide an enjoyable space to live in. Operating with a focus on improving the environment, Feather will deliver convenience, making a positive impact on your residents and the planet! 

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