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Easier management of outdated tenants

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Today we’re releasing another highly-requested feature: Easier management of tenants that are no longer residing in the building. 

To help clean out the tenants in your dashboard to show active tenants, we’re introducing a feature that let’s tenants report outdated roommates or previous tenants that are still registered to their unit.

Tenants will now see a list of other tenants registered to their unit when they log in from the website or mobile app, and they can easily report those tenants as outdated.

Once they report it, you can easily go through each one and deactivate the tenants that are no longer living in that unit. You can see the outdated tenants in your ManageGo Notifications tab, or you can click in the daily email to quickly approve/decline each one. 

To turn on email notifications for this feature, log in to your ManageGo dashboard and enable it by going to Settings > Account > Notification Types > Tenant and check the email named “Roommate Tenant Outdated”.

P.S. You can also always deactivate bulk outdated tenants by going to Tenants tab in ManageGo and selecting multiple tenants, and then clicking Change Status on top of the page.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, 
The ManageGo Team

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