ManageGo moving into Atlanta and Los Angeles

After more than 7 years of success and growth in the New York City market, ManageGo proudly serves a wide portfolio of property managers in one of the most demanding real estate markets in the world.

This city and it’s people have provided us with an ideal market to build a user-friendly and feature-rich platform.

We are constantly looking to expand on our industry-leading features and streamline our user experience; with over 40 million renters in the US currently, we believe there is an opportunity for significant impact. Because of this, we are excited to be developing a platform that will not only improve the tenant experience, but also optimize the property management process.

Moving forward, we are excited to bring our tenant management platform to the rest of the country, starting with Atlanta and Los Angeles.

To do so, we have brought on two wonderful team members: Alison Thomas, who will be serving the Atlanta region, and Raquel McLaughlin, who will be operating in the Los Angeles region and serving all of California. Both Alison and Raquel will be working locally in their regions to ensure ManageGo can provide quality, in-person service to current and future clients.


Alison brings with her over 10 years of experience in the real estate industry, she has worked in various industry sectors, from construction to marketing. She also enjoys designing and renovating her own home in Atlanta. Alison’s expertise will be very valuable in helping property managers improve their workflow and tenants experience.


Raquel is an LA native who has worked in the real estate and banking industries for over 10 years. She is an avid dog-lover and was formerly the Animal Commissioner of South Pasadena. Raquel is most excited about attending the various events in the LA area – from the Apartment Association of Orange County to the LA Business Journal.


We chose LA and Atlanta to start because they represent two ends of the market spectrum. LA being one of the largest and most established markets, and Atlanta being one of the fastest growing markets.

America has seen rental markets grow, nearly across the board, in the past 10 years but both of these markets stand out among this growth. Los Angeles has the 4th highest percentage of renters in the country at 53.9%1, higher than every other major metropolitan area. Whereas Atlanta has experienced a 34.7% growth in it’s rental market since 2010, compared to a 28.5% national average 2. Additionally, being on opposite coasts, these markets will provide an opportunity to refine our product within a variety of scenarios.

Atlanta and Los Angeles are just some of the stops for ManageGo as we continue expansion to other areas of the country over the next year. We feel the tenant experience is underdeveloped compared to other technological conveniences available for every-day use.

The process of paying rent by check or submitting maintenance requests by phone or email is not only frustrating for tenants, but also increases the property manager’s workload. ManageGo provides a win-win solution for these pain-points through our tenant management platform.

ManageGo has been on the forefront of past industry advancements and we will continue to strive to provide a superior experience for tenants and property managers from New York, to Atlanta, Los Angeles and beyond.

🎉 It’s out! Our latest mobile apps are live and amazing

Say hello to the new ManageGo app! We’re introducing a completely new look to improve your online rent payments experience.

As part of this release, we have completely redesigned the app and upgraded it with a bunch of new features. We’ve also optimized the communication process between tenants and property managers with our maintenance tickets feature.

We’re excited to announce that this new release is now available to all of you! Just head to the app store and install the update.

Rental applications are now easier than ever!

Speed up the application process for you and your tenants with an easy-to-use online solution!

Collect information: Collect employment information, annual salary, recent rental history, and more

Background checks: One-click background checks and and criminal reports

Guarantor forms: Add guarantor forms automatically or per-apartment

Payments and fees: Collect fees and deposits online with ManageGo payment processing

Document upload: Tenants submit payment stubs, identification, and more

Convert to tenant: Convert approved tenants to ManageGo users, and start accepting online rent payments immediately

We now integrate fully with RentManager

Payments and balances are now synced automatically between you and your tenants! 

What this means for you: All transactions are now automatically recorded in real-time to RentManager, so you can keep track on your apartments and tenants without having to lift a finger (we mean, without having to import files and deal with delays).

What this means for your tenants: Your tenants can now view payment history and balances directly in their ManageGo dashboard. We pull it in real-time so they stay up to date on their activities.

Ready to get started?
Contact our dedicated support team and we’ll get you up and running.

You can now pay your rent with bitcoin!

In a first for the real estate industry, ManageGo, the nationwide cloud-based tenant payment and property management platform, will now enable renters to  using three of the most widely-accepted cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

ManageGo has already completed a number of cryptocurrency payment transactions and will roll out the exclusive feature during the first quarter of 2018 across their vast nationwide property management client network.

ManageGo is the only major cloud-based real estate solution that provides property managers with customized, client-branded online and mobile front-end tenant portals. Along with other accepted forms of payment, such as checking account, debit card, and credit card, the crypto option will be integrated into a property manager’s website. Tenants will simply log in, select the payment option, and in seconds, the system will convert and transfer cash to a property manager’s account. All tenants need is their own crypto coin wallet and there is no crypto risk for the property manager.

cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure code, manage transactions and verify transfer of assets. 

“ManageGo is leading the evolution to facilitate safe, secure rental payments using cryptocurrency,” says Chaim Lowenstein, ManageGo vice president of business strategy. “Our exclusive program is the first we know of that easily enables tenants to pay a rent or other expenses using Bitcoin or other approved cryptocurrencies.”

“This Bitcoin advancement is going to be historic, in the same way giving tenants the option to write a check instead of handling large amounts of cash every month changed the way people pay rent,” says Jacob Bernat, president of Plaza Management. “We’re pleased to be one of the first to offer our tenants this convenient, no-risk, instantaneous payment method.”

ManageGo also provides a wide range of benefits that give property managers quicker access to funds. While rent checks typically take two-five days to clear, online and mobile rent payments submitted through ManageGo’s system typically clear by the next day. Additional services include maintenance ticket tracking and cloud document repositories for tenant leases and other documentation.