5 Ways To Enhance Your Resident Experiences

Modern renters have a lot of choices when it comes to where to live.  It can put property managers in a tough position — in a world where renters have such a wide variety of options, how do you make sure that your properties stand out?  Here are five of our favorite ways to raise the bar and enhance the resident experience to make sure you attract and retain residents:

1) Organize community events — Everyone needs a chance to relax and have some fun.  Why not give your residents that chance by putting together an event they’ll enjoy?  They’ll be sure to appreciate a game night, a crafting activity, or a movie.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with some fun ideas of your own!

2) Provide multiple payment options — Not all payment methods are perfect for everyone.  Online ACH payments are great for a lot of residents, but some people will always prefer other methods, and it’s important to accommodate them too.  That’s why ManageGo offers property managers support for credit and debit cards, checks, and cash payments too!  That way, everyone can pay in a way they’re comfortable with.

3) Provide tokens of appreciation — Remind your residents that they’re important to you by giving them something to show you care.  It doesn’t have to be anything big; something small as a cookie can go a long way in letting someone know that they matter to you.  If you do like the cookie idea, you might even be able to get free or discounted cookies from a local bakery eager to promote itself to your residents.  It’s a win-win!

4) Help your residents stay engaged — Residents will love the chance to get involved and feel like they’re a part of something.  An online message board (like ManageGo’s Engage!) will let residents get to know each other and see what’s going on in the building, which can really help build a sense of community.

5) Use an all-in-one app — Renters today want to take care of all their needs online, and they want it all to be as easy as possible.  Letting them handle everything related to the building — whether it’s rent payments, maintenance, amenity bookings, event registration, or anything else — in one easy-to-use app like ManageGo will make things so much easier for them.  They’ll definitely thank you for it!

Introducing: Tenant and Unit Categories

Today we’re realesing a highly-requested feature: Categories for tenants and unit.

Categories come in handy for many different scenarios, here are some ideas:

• Allow amenity reservations for paying tenants: You can set up certain amenities to only be available to book for tenants that have signed up for a membership. Simply assign those tenants to a category called “Amenity members” and then set up the amenity to be available for them.

• Send a mass email to condo owners: When sending an email to residents, you can now choose to only send to specific categories, for example, condo owners vs renters.

• Share documents with sub-leasers: With our document sharing feature, you can now upload files to be seen only by certain residents that fit the category you select.

If you would like to take advantage of this feature, simply log in to your ManageGo admin account and set up categories under Settings > Categories, then navigate to the Units or Tenants page and select the appropriate category from the dropdown. If you have any questions, please call us at 212-300-7950 or email support@managego.com.

Q&A: Setting up building groups for easier filtering


“Our building portfolio is divided between different managers; when they go to the payments or maintenance sections, they only want to see their buildings. We know that one can easily select a list of buildings from the buildings filter, but it would be great to be able to save the filter for future use instead of filtering each and every time the page is refreshed.”

This week’s question by: Hamilton Group



We will suggest 2 different ways to solve your 1 question (complimentary of course!).

#1: Make use of the Building groups feature

This feature allows you to create a group with a custom name (e.g., Ben’s buildings) and select which buildings should be in the group. Now you can simply filter by the group name.

Click below to learn how to set up groups. (Spoiler alert: It is super easy.)

#2: Limit users’ access to only their buildings

If a specific user truly has no business with other buildings, consider restricting the user to only have access to the buildings they manage. No need to filter anymore. Ever.

You can click below to learn more about grouped buildings.

I hope this answers your question!

Feature Highlight: Scheduled and Recurring Maintenance Tickets

With our recent release of the new ManageGo interface, we’ve added a highly-requested feature to maintenance tickets.

You can now schedule requests in advance, and set up an automatically recurring schedule for requests. This is very useful for tasks that repeat themselves, like monthly or annual preventative care, asset inspections, permit renewals, and walk-throughs.

We made it very flexible and easy-to-use so you can get the most out of this new feature.

Another one of the features that we included adds a checklist option to all tickets. You can specify a detailed list of tasks to be done for a particular ticket, and follow along as they get checked off one-by-one. You can also set up checklist templates which you can drop into any maintenance ticket.

Introducing: Lockbox for Property Managers

We’re excited to announce that Lockbox check payments are now available to all your tenants! Check payments will be deposited in your bank account just like ACH payments, and they’ll be reflected on the payments page in ManageGo.

Put an end to check handling by having your tenants send checks to your own ManageGo address, and we’ll process and deposit the checks into your account.

  1. Tenants send checks by mail to a unique address
  2. We process and deposit the checks to your bank account
  3. We display the incoming payments on the ManageGo admin website
  4. We post the incoming payments to your accounting software

Introducing our MoneyGram integration for Property Managers

We’re excited to announce that MoneyGram payments are now available to all your tenants. Cash payments will be deposited in your bank account just like ACH payments, and they’ll be reflected on the payments page in ManageGo.

Put an end to cash handling and money orders, by having your tenants submit cash payments through MoneyGram or a MoneyGram affiliate.

When you log in to your account on ManageGo, you’ll see a unique MoneyGram Unit Code next to each unit. Your tenants can use this code to make payments to their unit. (The Unit Code is also displayed in the Profile section on the tenant portal).

We prepared marketing materials and letters that you can send to your tenants to notify them about MoneyGram payments, and also to explain the process.

How it works:
• A tenant walks into any MoneyGram location
• They complete the standard payment form, and include their unique Unit Code
• MoneyGram notifies us of the payment
• We deposit the money in your bank account
• We display the paid amount on the ManageGo portal
To get started with MoneyGram, call us at 212-300-7950 to enable it for your account. Once we turn it on, just notify your tenants and tell them where they can find their Unit Code.

The ManageGo Team

Take Advantage of Obligo’s Security Deposit Solution

In our many years of dealing with property managers, we’ve often come across a concern that’s shared by many of you: How to handle the complexities of taking and holding security deposits.

As you know, security deposits are tangled in legalities. Landlords are required to store the money in a separate interest-bearing account, they need to send annual interest notifications, and there’s a tight window for returning the deposit.

With ManageGo’s integration with Obligo, you can now take advantage of their ideal solution for property managers and tenants. Obligo takes over the entire process, from taking the deposit to distribution. And best of all, Obligo is completely free for property managers.

How it works:
1) When a tenant completes the Rental Application process on ManageGo, you have the option to send them an automated message to make a security deposit with Obligo.

2) The tenant has two options:
a) They can either pay the entire amount upfront, just like they would usually do, but Obligo would take care of it instead of you. Or,
b) They can choose to not pay the security deposit at lease signing, and instead opt to provide their payment information to Obligo to be used in case it’s needed at the end of the lease. For a small monthly fee to the tenant, Obligo will validate and store the payment account, and provide a guarantee to the property manager.

3) In case you need to charge the security deposit after the lease ends, you simply submit your request to Obligo; they’ll front the money for the amount you requested and deposit it to your account right away. They’ll then collect the money from the tenant.