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Apartment Life Sucks (And Why It Doesn’t Have To)

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Sometimes, apartment life sucks. You know its advantages–think awesome amenities, lifestyle flexibility, and affordability–but there are no doubt drawbacks that leave residents frustrated. Understanding what might cause their dissatisfaction is key to retaining them, which is important to keep your units filled and cash flow stable. So what are the most common frustrations, and how can you minimize them as a property manager?

1) Unreliable maintenance

The only thing worse than a broken appliance is waiting for it to be fixed…only for the property manager to push it back, make excuses, and run in circles over something that seems to be straightforward. Not having to worry about maintenance repairs and costs is a huge reason people decide to rent over buy, so why is it still so complicated? Well, it may be how you manage your maintenance system.

Utilizing a property management software can help you streamline the entire maintenance process. Instead of exchanging emails back and forth only for them to inevitably get mixed up, use ManageGo’s leading maintenance platform to improve communication and get tasks done efficiently. Residents can easily submit maintenance requests and send photos or videos of the issue from our mobile app or website. Property managers can reply in an instant and assign tasks to their staff so everyone is always on the same page. Long gone are forgotten requests, lost updates, and frustrated residents.

2) Inconvenient administrative tasks

If convenience is a fundamental selling point of renting, make sure you’re offering it every chance you get. Don’t burden potential renters with hefty paperwork during the leasing and renewal processes, or burden current residents with old-school payment systems and inefficient communication. The headaches associated with this could be overwhelming your residents or even turning away potential renters. 

All-in-one systems are the ultimate fix for this common frustration. With our newly released leasing solution, you can digitize your leasing and renewal processes and get rid of the hassle that comes with traditional paperwork. All-in-one software is also great for automatic payments and seamless communication between residents and property managers. 

3) Inadequate resident support

Multifamily properties have the unique challenge of supporting a multitude of residents at once. This can present a frustration for residents if staff can’t keep up with the endless support they require. Property management software is also a great way to tackle this issue to optimize communication and automate routine tasks. ManageGo offers residents multiple outlets to get support depending on where they need it–whether it’s a maintenance request, package management, or guest access request. We also offer live phone support for our website and app to take one more thing off your staff’s plate. Really, what’s not to love?

If it’s not already clear, investing in property management software could be the most efficient solution to solving these common frustrations that plague residents. At the end of the day, the easier you make a resident’s life by offering convenience and reliability, the more likely you are to foster a valuable resident-management relationship, and keep them renting with you long-term.

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