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A Property Manager’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing (Plus 5 Email Ideas)

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Whether you want to entice prospective renters to sign a lease or you’re looking to nurture the community you’ve built of current residents, email marketing is a key tool to advertise your property. But why is it so important, and where do you even start?

Why Email Marketing is Important in Property Management

The way we like to look at it is this: how do you expect potential renters to know about your property, or residents to know about what’s happening at the property, without marketing? Email marketing is both a cost-effective and productive strategy to reach these goals. Sending the right email to prospects who may have either inquired about a unit or already taken a tour reminds them to take the next step in the application process – and gets you one step closer to securing a new resident. For current residents, email marketing is an easy yet effective way to keep them up to date on property happenings and important announcements. Additionally, it helps create a sense of community – a key draw for renters to multifamily properties. 

How to Get Started

The possibilities with email marketing are endless, so where should you start? First, you need people to send your emails to! You’ll want to 

1. gather the address of your recipients and

2. segment them into the appropriate email lists.

For your current residents, this is easy as you probably already have their email addresses from resident onboarding – this will be your first segment. For prospects, gather emails from any unit inquiries, tours, or from CTAs on your website – this will be your second segment. If necessary, segment them even further – like by building if you manage multiple. Segmenting your email lists will be important in making sure the right people are getting the appropriate emails, to maximize your efforts.

Once you have your email lists (and of course, always be adding to them!), you’ll want to set a consistent schedule. How many emails will you send a week, what content will you share in each email, and how far in advance will you create them? Knowing this information before you get started will set you up for success between the hustle and bustle of everyday management. 

The last thing you’ll want to consider is the tools to help you along the way. We recommend using an email marketing service (like these free ones!) to help you create your email lists, schedule emails in advance, and analyze your results. 

5 Email Ideas to Send as a Property Manager

Now that you’re well on your way to crafting a successful email marketing strategy, it’s time to start brainstorming what emails you want to be sending. Here are 5 ideas for every property manager:

1. Weekly Property Round-Up

Think of this email as a type of weekly newsletter, breaking down everything happening at your property. Outline upcoming events, amenity updates, and important announcements, or even highlight residents (or furry friends) of the week! Get creative here while keeping it relevant to the resident experience you offer.

2. Resident Check-Ins

This type of email is a great way to get those crucial reviews and recommendations for your property, as well as gain valuable feedback to improve your services. It’s as simple as asking residents about their experience and adding a call-to-action to leave your property a review.

3. Classes & Events Announcements

Dedicate at least one email a month to outline the upcoming classes and events happening at your property (with a link to register of course). This is also a great time to remind residents of the tools they have available to them, such as a resident portal to view and book classes and events.

4. Resident Appreciation Messages

Expressing appreciation for your residents is a great way to nurture your relationships and increase your chances of great renters signing renewals. These can be short and sweet, as long as they’re genuine, they’ll go a long way!

5. Prospective Outreach

Geared toward those prospective renters, craft an email template following up with anyone who recently received a tour, or has reached out to inquire about a unit. Being proactive is important to getting those new leases signed and letting prospects know you’re here for them.

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