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3 Ways To Communicate Better With Your Residents

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It comes up time after time in discussions about how to keep things running smoothly as a property manager: communication with residents is crucial.  By communicating well, you let your residents know that you understand their concerns and are willing to do what it takes to address them.  If you’re interested in improving your communication, here are three of the most important things you can do to get started:

Show that you’re trustworthy

Many residents have a negative opinion of property managers and landlords.  When that’s the case, residents won’t think they have a good reason to communicate well with you, which makes it difficult or impossible for you to communicate well with them.  Show them that they can trust you by always doing what you say you’ll do and always being honest and forthright about anything that concerns them.

Give advance warning of any changes

Whenever anything happens on the property that will impact residents, let them know about it as soon as possible.  Provide details, like the nature of the disruption, when it’s expected to begin, and when it will conclude.  That way, residents can plan and be prepared for changes and conflict and confusion can be avoided.

Deliver good news

Don’t only reach out to your residents when you have negative information you need to share with them.  Instead, share positive developments with them from time to time as well.  Any time that life at the property will be improving, tell your residents, even if the news is small.  You’ll build a positive relationship and open up communication further.  If you don’t have any good news to share, you can try creating some — send a gift or organize a fun event to create some positive energy.

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